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Welcome! This website was created for a workshop held in Springfield, Missouri. The purpose of the website is to provide educators with resources to build a community of learners in the classroom. As you explore this site, you will find research stating the importance of building a classroom community and how a few minutes spent each day can reshape a whole year of behavior.

In addition, you will find links to online resources of community building activities as well as a list of books we have found very helpful in building a classroom community with our students!

About the Presenters

Stefanie McKoy and Melissa Agnew teach 3rd grade at Branson Elementary West, in Branson, Missouri. Our elementary is home to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. We currently have over 450 students. We have a large English Language Learner population as well as over 50% at-risk students (free and reduced lunch). Currently, our class sizes are hovering around 28 students per teacher.

This past year Branson Elementary West was awarded the Missouri School of Character award for our excellence in providing character education to all students. We are currently the only school outside the St. Louis area to receive this honor.

Stefanie McKoy is beginning her 6th year as a teacher. She graduated from Missouri State University in 2006. She earned a degree in Elementary Education and an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. She is currently certified in both areas. She also earned a master's degree in Educational Technology Leadership through the University of Arkansas in Decemeber 2010. She also is certified as an eMINTS4ALL and eMINTS instructor. Stefanie has served on the science, social studies, and communication arts curriculum committees and was in charge of the after school tutoring program for 3 schools in Branson.

Melissa Agnew just completed her 7th year as a teacher. She graduated from Missouri State University in May 2004 . She earned a degree in Elementary Education and an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. Melissa graduated from Missouri State University with a master's degree in Educational Administration in May 2008. She also has taught as an eMINTS teacher for 3 years. She has also served as the 3rd grade team leader, curriculum leader in math and communication arts, and assisted as the stand-in principal when needed.

IT IS OFFICIALLY HERE!!!! The math book that Melissa and I have been working on for 2 years is finally complete and available for purchase. It is so exciting to see this hard work finally pay off and have the final result in our hands.
Engaging Mathematics
Numbers & Operations, and Algebra
Melissa Agnew and Stefanie McKoy
(Grades 2–4)
You want to make math engaging and take advantage of the power of peer tutoring and interaction, but you don’t have the time to plan all-new activities, nor the time to re-create all those math worksheets. Don’t fret. All the work has been done for you! All your need-to-teach numbers & operations and algebra curriculum is matched up with some of Kagan’s best structures for math practice, including RallyCoach, Sage-N-Scribe, and Find-N-Fix. Plus you’ll find more great math activities to keep students excited about math with structures including Quiz-Quiz-Trade, Fan-N-Pick, Showdown, and Clue Linkages. Engaging math just got easy!

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